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Repurposing Content in Your Sleep Consulting Business

Content creation can feel like one of the most overwhelming things to do in your business.

I know you’ve got clients to take care of, sleep logs to review, emails to answer, collaborations to schedule, plan, and prepare for, presentations to give, content to plan and create, discovery calls, support calls, consultation calls, print materials to create…I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

As you know, I’m always here to help make things a bit easier for you!

Today, I want to share how I repurpose content for my own business, Lake Country Sleep, and even a little of how we help our content clients do this too. My hope is that you can take an idea or two and use it in your own business to make the process of your content planning and creation just a bit easier.

Use a planner.

Keeping your overarching topic and ideas all in one place can be super helpful. A place to put your ideas to come back to can be super helpful in the moment as well as in the future.

We recommend using our free 2022 MSC Content Planner - read more about content planning with this tool here.

Bonus: If you need to spark some ideas, this blog has a ton of content ideas laid out for you, month by month.

Keep everything relevant in one place.

We recommend keeping your planner, content, scheduling tools, and all relevant links in one place. We LOVE using Trello! In fact, we use it for planning content at Market St. Creative, and each of our monthly content clients has its own board as well.

Everything gets housed here for easy access to everything we may need for creating content, all in one place!

Trello is super easy to use. I’ll make a note to write another blog post about how to use it for your content planning.

Start with planning your bigger pieces of content first.

I always recommend starting with your blog, podcast, or Youtube content first. Make outlines for what you want to talk about.

Let’s say you want to do a podcast or Youtube episode about The Crib to Bed Transition. You’d start by outlining the topic:

  1. When should you consider the crib to bed transition?

    1. Your child is able to get out of the crib and it’s no longer safe

      1. Talk about preventative measures for crib climbers

        1. Turning the high side of the crib out

        2. Wearing a sleep sack inside out and backward

        3. Saying “NO” on the monitor

      2. If necessary to transition because of safety concerns, treat the bedroom like a crib now

    2. Your child is 3 or older

      1. Developmentally, they are now ready and likely have the self-regulation to stay in their bed

  2. How you can prepare your child for the transition

    1. Talk about it!

      1. Go over what’s going to happen

      2. Go over expectations

    2. Have them be a part of the process

      1. Let them pick out the bed/bedding

      2. Have them “help” take the crib down and set up the bed

  3. X Steps to Completing the Transition

    1. Write a social story that goes over the changes and the expectations for your child and incorporate it into your daily bedtime routine

    2. Be consistent and have a plan for how you will respond if/when your child gets out of bed

    3. Give it a solid four weeks for them to get the hang of it

    4. Reach out for help if needed (link your discovery call)

Once you have the outline, you can sit down and record! Copy and paste bits and pieces as needed into your show notes and as a blog on your website.

You can also add snippets to emails you’ll be sending to your list, and don’t forget to link your newly created pieces of content!

Move on to the smaller pieces, like social posts or short-form videos.

This is where it gets fun. Continue to break down the copy from your blog and use it in your social posts. More copy and pasting between your platforms!

You can see how it’s super easy to pick apart different points from the outline to easily create some visual content for your audience.

I love to batch-create social posts. I can sit down and do a month or two in just a few hours.

If you’re creating short-form videos for Instagram Reels or Tik Tok, go see what is trending. We LOVE making meme Reels that relate to our weekly topic. I’ll spend 30 minutes watching Reels and save any that I can use for the upcoming week. I then batch record a few with trending audio and save them in my drafts to post in the upcoming week. All CTAs (calls to action) then direct followers to my bigger pieces of content that were released that week.

Repurpose your videos between platforms. There are websites you can use to remove watermarks from Instagram or Tik Tok. Then, repost!

Reuse and recycle content over time!

Now that you’ve seen the breakdown of the outlining process, focus on covering all the topics you want to cover in your business over the course of a year.

Save your outlines!

Save your blog drafts!

You can come back to these yearly or every few months and use them again.

Simply update your graphics and copy and paste snippets for new posts. No one is going to scroll back on your feed from a few months back and think, “Hey! Didn’t she write these same exact words on February 6, 2022??”

NO! No one is going to do that.

To make things easy on yourself. Reuse your stuff.

Take the time and put in the effort to create it initially, and then reuse and repurpose it to your little heart’s desire!

And if you don’t want to - hire us and we will do it for you.


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