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Sleep Consultant Content Planning by Month

sleep consultant content creation

When I first started my sleep consulting business, I knew I had to start putting out content on my website and on social media, but I had NO IDEA where to start or what to talk about.

Fast forward a few years and the ideas are constantly brewing, and I have a bunch of notes saved in my phone for when inspiration strikes!

Since working with other sleep consultants and helping with their content planning over the past year, I’ve gotten into a good flow with various topics to cover throughout a year’s time.

So, I’ve compiled a list of topics and ideas for you to use and refer to when you find you need some fresh ideas! Scroll down and find some inspiration for each month.

You can use these topics for blog posts, social media planning, your Youtube channel, or even your podcast!

If you haven’t already, get our free downloadable content planner here for 2022. It will help make your planning a breeze.

All right, now for the really good stuff!


  • Sleep Goals/Business Goals for the new year

  • How to Dress Your Baby for Sleep

  • Teething

  • Illness

  • Sleep deprivation

    • How it can affect you

    • PPA/PPD


  • Safe Sleep

  • Sleep Products

  • What you love about your child

  • Partners in Parenting

    • Date night ideas

    • Parenting as a team


  • Daylight Savings - Spring Ahead

  • Benefits of sleep

  • Your “Why” - share your story

  • Sleep Regressions

    • 4-month sleep regression

    • Regressions due to development

      • Language

      • Physical milestones

      • Separation anxiety


  • Sleep and multiples

  • Daycare and sleep

  • Awake Time Activities

  • Sleep Environment

    • Sleeping safely

    • Dark, cool, white noise


  • Motherhood

    • Becoming a mom

    • Maternal mental health and wellbeing

  • Sleep Schedules

    • Wake windows

      • What are they

      • Why are they important

      • When to stretch them

      • How to stretch them

    • Sample schedules by month

  • Naps

    • Extending short naps

    • Nap transitions

    • Naps on the go

    • Catnaps


  • Foods that promote sleep

  • Newborn Sleep

    • Reflux

    • SIDS awareness

    • Eat/Play/Sleep

    • Preventing overtiredness

    • Pacifier use

      • How to introduce one

      • Pros and cons

      • Weaning from the pacifier

    • Swaddling

      • Why it helps

      • When to stop swaddling

      • Different types of swaddles

    • Soothing your baby - 5Ss

    • Crying

    • Colic


  • Adjusted Age/Premie Sleep

  • Nap and Bedtime Routines

  • Travel

    • Day of travel

    • Sleeping in a new environment

    • Navigating Time Changes


  • Transitioning from parent’s room to nursery

  • Back to School

  • Toddlers and Transitions

    • Bedtime routines

    • Giving choices

    • reinforcement

    • Crib to bed

    • Implementing quiet time


  • Attachment

    • Promoting secure attachment

    • co-regulation

  • Crying & supporting your child’s emotions

    • Crying is communication

    • What is purple crying

    • Calming your baby with the 5Ss

    • Crying and sleep training

      • Share your thoughts and philosophy on this

  • Sleep Training

    • What is it exactly?

    • Sleep props/sleep associations

    • Methods

    • Consistency

    • Talking with other caregivers about sleep expectations/sleep training


  • U.S. - How to plan for Trick-or-Treat and sleep

  • How does sugar affect sleep/behavior?

  • Nightmares

  • Night Terrors

  • Sleep Regressions

  • Separation Anxiety and/or addressing fears


  • Daylight Savings - Fall Back

  • Early Morning Wakings

  • Travel

  • Sales

  • Feeding and sleep

    • Feeding upon waking

    • Reflux

    • Dream feeds

    • Night weaning


  • Navigating Holidays and Sleep

  • Why sleep is a gift

  • Sleep Science

    • Sleep cycles

    • Circadian rhythm

    • Melatonin

Other Ideas to Incorporate in Social Media and Email Marketing Monthly/Quarterly:

  • Your freebies

  • New content releases

  • Your services

  • Your products

  • Life updates

  • Behind the scenes

  • Your “why”

  • Sales

  • Promotions

I hope you found this list helpful - make sure you bookmark this page and share it with all your sleep consultant friends. Tag us on social anytime you use it…we love to hear from you when you’re using our resources!

And, if you don’t like the idea of DIYing your content, you know that writing or designing isn’t your greatest strength, or you need something to be taken off your plate, that’s what we’re here for! You can reach out to me and learn all about our content services and how I can help lighten your load.



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Karen Winter
Karen Winter
Feb 09, 2022

This is amazing!!! Thank you!!

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