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How Client Gifts Benefit Your Business

If you are a small business owner – your connection with your clients is of #1 importance. It’s all about your relationship with your client that keeps them coming back and referring others back to you. Giving out a branded client gift is just another great touchpoint in having that connection with your client. Plus – it shows that you really appreciate their business and gives you an opportunity to reach out to them even after you have completed services for them.

Hopefully, in the end, you can generate a long-term relationship with them where you will have a lasting effect on their lives. Personally, I will never forget the help I got from Erin (Lake Country Sleep) and how her sleep support for my little boy has transformed his sleep into life-long skills. That’s something that will stick with me for the rest of my (and my family’s) life!

Your clients will likely feel the same affinity towards you and what your services have done for their family, I guarantee it!

So what are some really great reasons as to why you would invest a little money into sending out some client appreciation gifts?

An inexpensive and unexpected gesture boosts morale

Just because your past clients may be getting better sleep, it doesn’t mean parenting is just magically super easy and breezy! They are still struggling with the day-to-day needs of their child(ren). Receiving a thoughtful gift from you could be the perfect pick up to their long and exhausting day.

It spreads cheer & goodwill

We are all coming into that holiday time and filled with the holiday spirit, so why not spread your goodwill to your awesome clients!? And it shows that your company is filled with positivity and altruistic intentions.

It’s important to always thank your clients

Showing how much you appreciate your clients really does go a long way. Who doesn’t want their love language filled with a thoughtful gift or card?!

It strengthens and grows your relationships

I mentioned this earlier but I wanted to say it again. Growing and strengthening your relationship with your clients builds that lifelong connection that is so important. And putting your name on a gift for them just makes it all more personal.

It helps you to remain at the forefront of your clients’ minds

Giving a branded gift is a great opportunity to put your brand back in front of your client especially when we are close to the holiday season and gift-giving is at an all-time high. Maybe your client needs some great ideas for some of the friends who are moms-to-be. Wouldn’t a referral promotion or gift certificate for your services be a great incentive to book your services?!

It strengthens long-distance relationships

The coolest part about being an online business is that you can serve anyone anywhere in the world! And even though you might not be able to meet your client in person, sending a gift can really build that relationship from afar.

So whether you are sending a care package that is a little more extravagant or a thank you card, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Whatever method you choose to do, will likely leave a positive lasting impression on your client.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Branded thank you cards with referral bonuses listed

  • Branded stickers for envelops or gifts

  • Your logo on a onesie

  • Your logo and/or a parenting-related quote or your tagline on a coffee mug

And don’t forget to toss in some business cards!

If you need some help in choosing, designing, or printing your branded client gifts, book a call with us and we can create something beautiful, fun, and personalized to your brand and business!


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