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Underutilized Dubsado Features

Yay! You pulled the trigger and decided on Dubsado as your CRM system. You’ve probably taken some time to get things set up and have started utilizing the system to serve your business. But are you making the most of your Dubsado account?

Here are five Dubsado features that are often underutilized by sleep consultants.

1. Scheduler

One of the main reasons a CRM is so valuable for small business owners is that it helps entrepreneurs to stay organized and streamline their processes. Having a scheduler that is included in your CRM eliminates the need for yet another program. It also eliminates the need for linking multiple programs to communicate to each other. Having everything in one place will make your life so much easier.

The Dubsado scheduler is great for sleep consultants because you can require your client to book their appointment and fill out a questionnaire at the same time. This means that you can go into a discovery call already having an idea of the challenges the family is facing so that you can feel more prepared and spend less time on the call.

This feature is also so helpful for your onboarding process. You can ensure that your client fills out your questionnaire and books their consultation time with you in one easy step. With your Dubsado scheduler set up efficiently you’ll no longer have to stress about hounding your tired client to fill out the questionnaire ahead of their consultation time. You can also set up the scheduler so that your client cannot book a consultation within a certain time frame (48 hours for example). This will ensure that you have enough time to review their questionnaire and write their sleep plan ahead of their consultation time.

2. Proposals

If you are not utilizing Dubsado proposals for their intended purpose, you are not using your CRM efficiently. Dubsado proposals are THE reason for having a CRM at all. They allow your client to book your services in one easy, seamless process.

Your proposals can either be public on your website as a “buy now” button or can be email to a lead after a discovery call.

Once your lead opens the proposal they will be able to seamlessly choose their desired sleep package, sign the contract, and pay. Boom! Your lead just became your client in a matter of minutes.

You can also set up a workflow to be triggered once the proposal is complete…bringing me to my next point.

3. Workflows

I know this word can feel overwhelming but don’t be frightened. Workflows are our friends - especially Dubsado workflows.

CRMs are designed to make your life simpler so don’t over complicate it.

I recommend using a very simple workflow with very few steps. Remember - your new client is still a tired parent. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm them with a complex onboarding process.

Here are a couple sample workflows:

One step workflow: After invoice is paid send email with scheduler

Two step workflow: After invoice is paid send email with scheduler > After appointment is booked send email with onboarding document.

4. Reports

I know that you became a sleep consultant because you are passionate about helping families. Nobody becomes a sleep consultant just because they are looking for a business venture. But now here you are…a passionate sleep consultant turned business owner.

And as a business owner you need to be aware of some important statistics. Things like where your clients are coming from, what your most popular (and least popular) products and services are, etc.

Dubsado reports can help you identify where your marketing efforts are paying off, where they are not, and where opportunities lie.

Here are some examples of how your Dubsado reports can help you analyze your marketing efforts:

Identify where your marketing efforts are paying off: Your Dubsado reports indicate that the majority of your clients are coming from Instagram. You spend time everyday sharing valuable information in your Instagram stories, you post to your feed three-four times per week, and you are actively engaged with other accounts (hello collaborations!). Go you! Your social media efforts are clearly benefiting your business and putting money in the bank. Keep doing what you are doing!

Identify where your marketing efforts are not paying off: Your Dubsado reports identify that most of your clients are coming from Facebook groups. You occasionally comment on posts in groups, sharing helpful advice and letting parents know that you are available to help them. You have, however, been spending hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars on Google ads over the past few months and have not had one client from them. This information indicates that it’s time to re-evaluate whether or not Google ads are worth the investment.

Identify marketing opportunities: Your Dubsado reports indicate that you have been selling a lot of toddler sleep packages and newborn sleep guides. But you have not sold many travel & sleep guides or infant sleep packages. This information tells you that you have either not been marketing infant sleep packages and travel & sleep guides often or the way you are marketing is not currently working for you. You can consider making changes to your sales pages or nurture sequences to increase sales for these products/services. Psst! We can help you with these tasks!

Of course these reports are only going to be effective if your Dubsado is set up in the right way. Be sure to categorize all of your packages so that you can see your breakdown of revenue. Each time you get a new client (or lead), indicate the source they came from (ie. Instagram, referral from past clients, Google search, referral from their pediatrician, etc.). If you aren’t already asking clients how they found you, I’d start now!

5. Project Statuses

You can organize your leads and clients in Dubsado by creating project statuses. This underutilized feature can help you keep track of your leads and follow ups. Here is an example of the categories you may use to organize your leads

Evaluation call>First follow up>Second follow up>Third follow up>Did not book

At any point during your follow up system that your lead books your services, they will then move into the jobs categories. The jobs categories are where you will keep track of your clients. Here is an example of the categories you may use to organize your clients.

Upcoming>In plan>On retainer>Completed

When you organize your jobs and leads you reduce the overwhelming feeling you get when you open your projects and see two long lists. This system of organization will ensure that no leads fall through the cracks because your follow up system is clear and visual.

Finish your Dubsado set up

Whether you have been using Dubsado for years or you’re just getting started with the system, these five underutilized features will elevate your business’ professionalism, efficiency and bottom line. You aren’t paying for your Dubsado subscription to use it half way. Get your money’s worth by using it to its full potential!

Not sure where to start? Want a second set of eyes on your Dubsado set up? We are here to help you!

Book a Dubsado Audit with our team and receive valuable feedback from a fellow sleep consultant for how to ensure your Dubsado account is set up effectively!


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