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4 Things You Should Be Doing When You Have a Lull with Clients As a Sleep Consultant

Let’s be honest, the biggest question you have regarding your business is likely this one - “When will I finally have steady clients?”

I’m no business coach (if you need recommendations for business coaches, I have recommendations - send me a DM on Instagram.), but I have been in business for over four years now. I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I’d love to share my go-to activities for when we’re having a slow-down at Lake Country Sleep.

Keep reading for the four things I’ve learned over the years!

Follow up with leads from the past month or two who haven’t yet booked.

Since these people are already in your funnel, they should always be your number one priority. They’re warm leads! I follow up with discovery or sleep evaluation calls who haven’t booked after a few days, after a week, and then monthly. Keep a running tab of who you’ve spoken with and when, and keep them on your list until they tell you “no” - in most cases, I find that you need a few more touch points and to nurture relationships more, especially if your offer is a higher priced one. There is a little more work involved but it’s worth the effort when they eventually do sign on with you!

My favorite way to do this is with a voice call. It’s way more personal than an email, and you’re just checking in to see how they’re doing. It’s a low-stress, no-pressure situation. Think of it like you’re calling a friend! Then remind them of how you can help them.

Connect personally with new followers.

In an email I wrote to our list, I compared an online business with a brick-and-mortar business…and asked if your sleep consulting business was more like a dollar store or a luxury boutique. If you have people walking into your store, are you greeting them and welcoming them? Offering them assistance?

In an online business, this is the equivalent to welcoming someone who is a new follower. Say hello (or have your VA do it!) and ask if there’s anything you can help them with. Share links to relevant blogs or your freebies and organically build your email list.

Stay top-of-mind with your email list.

Speaking of email lists…

If you’re not emailing your people on a regular, weekly, basis, you need to be.

So, if you haven’t emailed them in a while, it’s time! Send out a blog round-up or a timely tips email. Serve them well and stay top of mind. When they need help, they’ll know who to come to!

Pro-tip: You can also send one-off emails to past clients to see how they’re doing. If they’re approaching a nap transition, see how it’s going, etc. Continue to serve your people even after you’ve worked together! They’re already your biggest fans and will continue to pay for your services if they were valuable in the first place.

If you need help finding consistency with your email list, we offer this as a one-on-one monthly service! Learn more about it here.

Show up and engage with your audience and your networking community.

The people who are already in your funnel are the ones you need to be nurturing on a regular basis. Did you know it takes about SEVEN touch points (probably more in 2023) for someone to consider purchasing your services or course?

If people don’t know who you are, they won’t know if they align with your values, they won’t trust you, and they certainly won’t buy from you. It’s as simple as that.

Show up with posts on social media. Show up in stories. Show up in their inbox. We try to make this as easy as possible for you with our marketing subscriptions from the Market St. Shop. Learn more about your options here.

And, show up with your own business networking! I’ve learned that when you build relationships with other business owners, they’ll happily recommend your services to others who may need them. There’s power in the words, “I know a girl!” I try to meet with other local business owners at least once per week, whether it’s just for coffee to catch up or at an actual networking event.

Okay, and now that I’m writing this, you should be doing these four things regularly…not just when you’re in a lull. Do them EXTRA when you’re in the lull, but if you prioritize these items on a regular basis, maybe you won’t have any lulls!

If you found this article helpful, we hope you share the link with your sleep consultant friends! It would mean the world to us…”Hey! I know some girls!” ;)


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