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Virtual Assistant (VA) Services





About the Package

Virtual Assistant (VA) Services

Customer Service/Lead Generation/Relationship Building

One of our virtual assistants can get in your DMs and lead people to your blog or to book a discovery call with you! They can also nurture relationships for future business collaborations.

Social Media Scheduling

Have all your content done and just need someone to go in and schedule it for you? Copy + paste your captions, hashtags, etc.? Have one of our VAs take that off your plate.

Blog Posting/Formatting on Website

Is your draft just sitting there, waiting to be formatted and published on your website? One of our VAs can help.

Personal Business Requests

Not sure what you need, but just KNOW you need more help? Work with one of our VAs.

Your Teammate

Melissa Pilatzke

Melissa Pilatzke

Melissa is a mom, a wife, and owner of Lavender Littles Sleep Consulting. She loves traveling with her family and creating scrapbooks of their countless adventures.

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in business and prior to becoming a mom and sleep consultant, she worked in bookkeeping and insurance. As a virtual assistant to sleep consultants Melissa is able to combine two passions - sleep and business.

Melissa loves the behind the scenes work of sleep consulting businesses - the planning, the organizing, the nurturing, and all those other little things lingering on your to-do list. She is excited to assist you in your business so you can focus more on the things YOU love to do, without worrying about your lingering to-do list.

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