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6 Things To Know Before Hiring A Designer

Having the right designer is important when you are trying to find the right fit for your business. You could either be looking for an entirely new website or you might just need a brochure designed. Either way, if you are serious about hiring someone for design, get them on a call or video chat first! This way you can ask all of the following questions because it’s not just about the designer getting to know you and your business. You need to know more about the designer.

Below are a few questions to ask your designer before you start working together:

What the designer's portfolio looks like

It’s a great idea to ask for a designer’s online portfolio. You will get an idea of what some of their best work looks like. If they have a social media presence, you can also get a good look at their work on a more daily basis. Plus, it’s likely they will post their most recent work on their social media platforms. Another option would be to ask the designer to email you some of their most recent projects that are similar to the type of project you are looking for (example: you need a new brochure, so ask for their recent brochure designs).

The designer's background in the design industry

You might get a better idea of just what level of expertise you are going to get when you look into a designer’s design background. They could have a resume they can send you, but you can also inquire about how much training they’ve received, how long they've worked in the industry, and where they have worked in the past. Again, you should especially pay attention to their knowledge in the project that you are requesting.

The designer's design specialty

It’s true, no designer is the same. Everyone has a niche or something they are particularly good at or have the most experience in. For example, my specialty as a designer is branding, websites, and print design. Even though that doesn’t mean I can’t do other things, those are just the areas that I specialize in. I also love to do branded gifts for a company's clients or customers.

To elaborate a little more, if you are looking for a new logo, you could potentially hire a web designer. But keep in mind that a web designer might not specialize in branding, and you might not get something as branded or unique. Those are a few things to keep in mind when you hire a designer.

Does the designer have partners or collaborators they've worked with

Your design request might be something that needs a little help on a much larger scale. Let’s say, you need help launching your business and you don’t have the writing, web developing, email marketing, or management skills. Your designer might have partners or other people they know that specialize in those areas, so you can always leverage their resources to fill in the gaps you need to get your business running.

(cough, cough, Market St. Creative!)

The designer’s process

Every designer has a certain process, just like how we all have our own way of loading the dishwasher, amiright?? It’s best to learn about how the designer creates, edits, and completes a project. Knowing what their process is will help you understand how much the designer will charge. For example, if you are looking for a new branded logo, your designer might go through a more extensive design process to make sure they are really nailing your needs and aesthetic. As with most things in life, paying less usually never means getting more.

How long the design project is going to take

It’s important to get a good idea of how long your project is going to take. Sometimes designers can take longer to work on a project and other times you will might be shocked at how soon you receive the artwork back. Most of the time, it’s probably better that your project takes a little longer - that usually means the work is better and they worked longer on your project. So get a good idea of the timeline, but always be realistic.

All designers have their unique quirks and it’s up to you to find out if they are the right fit for you. Knowing these five things about your designer puts you on the best path to getting exactly what you are looking for.

Finding a designer you love and trust can be a perk that you’ll have for a long long time.

Remember, communication is the #1 key to finding the right designer for you.

If you are looking for an experienced designer, I encourage you to check out my portfolio on, or you can check out our Market St. Creative Instagram page to see our recent work, especially for sleep consultants! And, don’t forget to book a call with me to ask these questions!


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