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3 Ways to Infuse Your Personality Into Your Web-copy

It’s 3 a.m. and your ideal client is up again with her baby.

Maybe she’s pumping or feeding her little one.

Maybe she can’t sleep because she’s stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious.

So she pulls out her phone, opens Google, and types:

How can I get my baby to sleep longer?!

And up pops a million websites.

Regardless of the way your ideal client discovers your page – whether it’s from a Google search, social media, or a referral – your website’s main goal should be to retain your audience and convert them.

In essence, you want parents who need you to stick around and sign up for your freebies so that you can nurture them and serve them.

But not every website is effective at this. And while there are many reasons why a website isn’t attracting or converting its audience, one of the easy fixes is the web copy.

A Sleep Consultant’s Web Copy

Web Copy: The words on your website.

Their Job: To connect with your audience.

The words on your website should do much more than inform a potential client about what you do. They should tell people who you are and how you’re different from one of the other hundreds of sleep consultants they discovered during their 3 a.m. web search.

Quick caveat: Here at Market St. Creative, we believe that sleep consultants can work together to build each other up and strengthen the industry. So while we will be providing tips on how to stand out from the crowd, we don’t believe you need to live in a competitive mindset. Instead, we encourage you to work on building a business that attracts your ideal client.

So how can you do that?

How can you ensure your web copy is working for you to attract your ideal client?

By infusing your personality into your website copy, so that the mama who is reading your page thinks, “Yes! This sleep consultant gets me. She is the perfect person to partner with.”

Now, let’s get into strategy.

Infuse Your CTAs with Your Personality

One of the quickest ways to infuse your personality into your web copy is to change your call to action (CTA) buttons.

Usually, many CTA buttons are generic:

  • Read More

  • See More

  • Continue Reading

  • Buy Now

  • Book a Call

  • Send an Email

  • Go to Blog

While nothing is wrong with any of the CTA statements above, and each can serve a purpose depending on your business, it communicates a completely different message when your audience reads:

  • Heck yeah! Sign me up!

  • I’m in!

  • I’m SO ready!

  • Show Me More Tips

  • Let’s Do It

Not only does this tweak in your web copy help your readers connect with you, but it excites them about the possibility of working with you.

If you want your audience to book a call with you, they’re going to be more enthusiastic about doing so when they read and click on “Let’s Chat!” versus “Book a Complimentary Call Here.” Remember, the CTA’s job is to get your audience to ACT. As you think about what action you want your audience to take, think outside the box.

Infuse Your Subheads with Your Personality

The subheads on your website are the copy that is usually underneath a headline (the larger sized text that you use to either break up a page or introduce a new item or idea).

For instance, some common headlines on a sleep consultant’s home page may be:

  • A question or statement about what you do: “Ready to sleep again?” or “I help parents get their babies sleeping.”

  • An introduction to your sleep support services.

  • About Me or Blog sections.

While the job of headlines is to help your audience navigate down the page, you can infuse your personality into the subheads below the headlines.

Let’s take the following headline as an example:

Sleep Support For Every Family

As a reader is scrolling your page, they’ll see this headline and understand that they’ve reached the section that’s going to talk about the sleep support you offer.

The text under that headline (the subhead) should elaborate on the headline. The best way to infuse your personality? Type as if you’re talking directly to your ideal client.

It’s important to consider the overall brand you’re building – some sleep consultants are cheeky and straightforward, while others are more polished in their communication.

Use language that feels right to you for your business. Take a look at two different examples of subheads below:

  • Whether you’re struggling at bedtime with your first and only or tackling bedtime with multiples, our sleep support packages will help take your bedtime battles and turn them into easy put downs.

  • Ready to enjoy a glass of wine in peace? Our sleep support packages will help you take back your nighttime, so you can put your kids to sleep and binge watch Selling Sunset.

Notice how these subheads evoke different emotions or ideas while both communicating that you can help the mama on your page? That’s the power of web copy.

Infuse Your “About Me” with Your Personality

The last area on your website that you can (and should!) infuse your personality into is your About Me section or page.

This section on your site is all about you. And while you may want to share your entire life story, remember… your audience is looking to answer one question:

Can I trust this person?

How can you build credibility and trust while letting your light shine through your copy?

Share a snippet of why you became a sleep consultant

Not only will you be able to connect with your audience (Hey! I’ve been where you are!), but you will show them that change is possible.

Share your interests outside of sleep consulting

Are you a big fan of The Walking Dead or The Bachelorette? Share that!

Maybe you love jamming out at rock concerts, enjoying coffee in quirky shops, paddleboarding on the weekends, or playing volleyball.

Whatever your interests are, sharing them will help your audience see that you’re a human – not just a sleep professional.

If our job is to support clients and journey alongside them, wouldn’t we want our clients to know us on a little more of a deeper level?

Final Thoughts on Web Copy

Revising your website copy should be fun!

Before you begin, sit down and ask yourself:

What do I want to communicate to my potential clients? How do I want to communicate with them?

Once you know the overall vibe that you’re going for, adding a spin to your existing copy will be enjoyable and easy.

If you realize your web copy isn’t doing it for you anymore, or if you’re wanting a complete overhaul of your copy, we can take that off your plate. Check out our web copy services here.

You’re already doing an amazing job of serving your clients and building your business. Let’s make sure your web copy works a little for you, too.


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