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Stop Doing These 4 Things When Showcasing Your Content

You’ve just written a great blog post or recorded a bomb-ass youtube video or podcast. Way to go! Now, it’s time to design some graphics or short-form videos you’ll use to promote your content.

As a content creator, I’m a bit particular when I come across an intriguing post that is just too difficult to read. Or I start reading more only to find it doesn’t relate to me. You get turned off and you just keep on scrolling, right??

Which is exactly the opposite of what we want to happen.

We want our content to be so juicy and compelling that your audience must STOP and look a little closer. We want them to get all the way to your ask - your Call to Action - so they can stumble across more of the amazing and helpful content that you spend so much thoughtful time creating.

Let’s make sure you’re doing everything you can to help you create graphics for showcasing your content that is easy to read AND scroll-stopping!

Just for you today - 4 things you should STOP doing when showcasing your content.

STOP using text that is way too small.

The number one way to turn me off of a post real quick is to use a font size that’s too small to read.

If you’re trying to fit a lot of content onto one little graphic, I challenge you to think of another way to present the information…a way that’s a little easier for my over-30-year-old eyes to read without squinting and straining.

Maybe you’re trying to present something in a table format - maybe a wake windows chart - and the more you fill in the smaller and smaller you’re making your boxes and your font just to try to fit everything on the one graphic.

Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Could you break it up into a carousel post that slides with the information per age where you can make the font bigger?

  2. Can you somehow turn the information into a Reel or Tik Tok video with different clips per age?

Get creative!

STOP using fonts that are difficult to read.

Okay, this problem is similar to the previous one. You might be obsessed with the beautiful “Brittany” font that everyone sees and loves, but don’t overdo it!

Using too much of a script font or one that’s not as easy to read is another sure-fire way to have your audience keep on scrolling.

Read more about our thoughts on using script fonts here.

STOP talking about yourself and talk about your clients.

While storytelling can be a powerful tool in your marketing, you also need to first grab your reader’s attention…so that they keep reading!

Using the word YOU instead of I is key here.

Instead of: “This one time my baby skipped a nap…” Try this: “You’re never going to believe what happened when my baby skipped his nap…”

Talk about them and the benefits they’ll experience if they:

  • Go read this blog

  • Watch this Youtube video

  • Listen to this podcast

  • Hire you

And don’t forget to use the word “you” as much as possible!

STOP adding so much clutter to your graphics.

Less is more. I repeat, less is more.

Your readers are sure to skip over a post if there is just too much going on. Don’t include your logo if there’s not room for it. Don’t have a graphic including text and your logo and a brand pattern and an image or other graphic element. It’s just too much.

We want to be clear with our messaging as well as our visual presentation of that messaging!

Make it easy for your audience to digest and I guarantee you’ll get more eyes on your content.

Read more - and see an example - regarding using white space within your graphics.

If these things don’t seem like something you can do or even want to do, I invite you to check out our content creation services. These are things our content creators think about on a daily basis when working with clients, and I’m certain they’d love to help you out too!


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