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How to Blog as a Sleep Consultant (and Why Blogging is Important)

I didn’t know when I became certified that running a sleep consulting business in the online world meant that I also needed to become a blogger.

Oh, you either?!

Well, I’m glad you’re here then!

First things first, if you’re not yet blogging as a sleep consultant, you need to be. Blogging and video if I’m being honest. But we will save that one for another day.

Blogging is the easiest way to build your credibility as a professional in this field. It also helps with your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Before a tired mom is going to invest in your services, she’s likely going to look around your website a bit before deciding that working with you is the way to go. You want to impress her. You want to help her. Building a library of resources for tired moms paints you as an expert and is incredibly helpful.

Your blog is the perfect place to offer helpful content that shows you know what you’re talking about.

She’ll come to agree that you know what you’re talking about, any might even decide to work with you! At the very least, she maybe found something helpful and has decided to stick around and follow you for more tips. Maybe in the future, she’ll convert into a paying client.

You’ll also want your website to come up in the search engine results when a tired mom starts googling, “how to help my baby sleep…” at 2:00 a.m. after a few months of sleep deprivation. The more content you can put out there, the more Google will love to find you!

Blogging and creating content on your website is the best way to optimize where your website lands on a results page.

So, now that you know whyyyyy you need to blog, let’s talk about how to do it successfully.

750-1250 words per post is ideal for SEO purposes with 1000 words being the sweet spot. Sprinkle your keywords throughout the post and try to use them in the title too.

What are keywords? Basically, think about a tired mom googling is she going to come across your article on Pinterest or on Google? THOSE ARE YOUR KEYWORDS. There are various websites you can use that will help you identify keywords for various topics, and will show you what searches are currently trending and showing up on the internet. Do a Google search to find them! ;)

Your blog content should be valuable and not overwhelmingly wordy. Remember, if you’re a sleep consultant, you’re writing for tired moms. It should be easy to read, probably 5-7 minutes total.

And break it up nicely so her tired eyes don’t get too overstimulated.

Ideas for breaking up a blog post nicely:

  • Use photos

  • Use bulleted lists

  • Use numbered lists

  • Use headers

These will all help make your post a little easier to digest, especially on some tired eyes.

What if writing isn’t what you signed up for??

I know, I felt this way too because blogging was taking up a lot of my time. Time I needed to work with my clients. Time I needed to review sleep logs. Time I needed to look over questionnaires and write sleep plans. Time to post on social media. BUT, the more I did it, the easier it got.

I also know that writing isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. I got lucky. I’ve always enjoyed it and had a way with words. Fun fact: I was a writing tutor in college!

If you don’t like it (or any part of your business for that matter) outsource it! Especially if you are not good at it. It’s easy to recognize an area of weakness and delegate that to someone else.

Things I outsource: finances, legal items and advice (contract drafts, work agreements, etc.), system management and development to name a few. I’m good at writing and have time for it, so it’s not in my best interest to outsource it right now.

And if you’re not in a place to outsource your blog posts right now, you’ve got to bite the bullet and do it yourself. It will help your business grow so that when you can outsource it, you’ll have the funding to be able to.

When it comes to blogging, consistency and frequency are key to being successful. Are you motivated to go write that blog post now?? Get to it! ;)


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