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5 Color Palettes you can steal!

In the world of social media consumption, there is a LOT to look at all the time. I find myself scrolling and scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest to look for inspiration, ideas, comical relief or just to pass the time. Anyone with me on that??

When I first started designing specifically for sleep consultants, I thought that all color palettes needed to be soft and delicate because we are talking about sleep right?! When I think about sleep I want to feel relaxed and at peace, so naturally those softer tones appealed to me.

BUT... I also think that color palettes are very subjective. We are all drawn to different colors for various reasons and I don't think Sleep Consultants should be pigeon-holed into the same pastel-like colors because every person and business is unique in their own way. Maybe you want to have a brighter and more bold color palette because that fits your brand and personality. Or maybe you want to have more dark and moody colors, that's great too!

I want to show on this blog some great color palette ideas that you may not have thought about before. First, let's break out of the subtle color pattern and show off a brighter and bolder look.

Bright and Bold

When I look at these colors I immediately get a burst of joy and energy. And maybe that what the moms you are looking to help need. The colors are mixed with a fun take on our primary colors and giving it a kid-like feel. If your brand screams - fun, playful, kid-centered.. this is the color palette for your brand!

Soft + Subtle

Let's go back to what I was saying before. A softer and more subtle color palette is essentially giving that calming effect. I feel at ease with these colors. I also love that pop of dark teal as a primary color because we always need that contrast in our brand. If you only use lighter colors, then everything starts to feel really washed out, unreadable and frankly.. amateur. Soft colors can be really inviting, but don't be afraid to use some dark colors too.

Rustic Fall

Who doesn't love this blend of muted tones?! I might have been influenced by the fall/winter season with this color palette. Maybe you are looking for not just darker tones or pale tones.. you want to meet somewhere in the middle. These colors just make me want to run to a coffee shop and get myself a latte. Maybe even a spiced chai. I love how this palette isn't geared towards men or women specifically. It is ambiguous and inclusive. Because when your client's make their decision to work with you, you are going to need both mom and dad's approval.

Natural + Organic

If you love the outdoors and are a firm believer in getting your kids out in nature... this could be the right color palette for your brand. These soft earthy colors really give that wholistic vibe. It really depends on your approach to how you are helping families and children that would make this color palette fit your brand.

Dreamy + Moody

Anyone afraid of all these dark colors? Right now I am working with a client who LOVES these dark and moody colors and I am here for it! I love embracing these dark color and breaking that mold of using light and pastel colors. I mean... aren't we talking about sleep where we should be in optimal sleeping situations that include being in the DARK!? Let's embrace these dark colors and stay tuned for some moody branding with my client, Tired As A Mother.

In conclusion

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, include contrasting colors and maybe get a little bold and bright! If you need help navigating the world of color, need a logo redesign or just starting out and need a new brand, drop me an email or schedule a free clarity call with me!

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