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Flodesk Welcome Sequence Setup




2-3 Weeks

About the Package

Flodesk Welcome Sequence Set-Up

Looking to get your email marketing going and build your email list? If you're a Flodesk user (or want to be), we can help set you up and get things started.

The package includes a 5-6 email welcome sequence and lead capture delivery, embedding or linking to your website, and a 45 minute "How to Flodesk" call after things are set up so you know how to use the tool moving forward.

*There is an additional fee if you also want us to create your free download, write the email copy, link anything with Zapier, or do additional welcome sequences beyond the initial one. Just ask - we are happy to help!

Check out Baby O & I Flodesk Setup Example here

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Erin Meinel

Erin Meinel

Erin is a wife, boy-mom, avid-coffee drinker, podcast host, owner of Lake Country Sleep, sleep consultant with a knack for words, bff to Jenna, and your sleep-biz bestie! You can usually find Erin chasing her boys around between sips of cold brew (served hot, obviously!) or knocking out some content for her clients during a naptime hustle.

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