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Who We Are: Business Savvy + And Eye For Detail

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Jenna and I first met in the fall of 2007 at a volleyball recruit weekend. She was a current freshman at my soon-to-be committed university, and I was a senior in high school, dreaming of playing college volleyball the following fall. I liked her immediately, but I don’t think she had any clue who I was until the following summer after I graduated high school and moved up to beautiful La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA. That summer we got to know each other as we trained together and put on volleyball camps with our teammates for local high school players.

We instantly clicked and got into a whole bunch of shenanigans together for the next few years before we graduated. The “Market St.” portion of our namesake is a tribute to all the time we spent together on, you guessed it, Market St., where we started a friendship that has evolved for the last decade and a half to weddings, babies, and businesses! I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.

Jenna is a graphic designer and has vision. She is a creative at heart, and her process is magical - prior to deciding we NEEDED to work together, she has done all of my logos and web design for my first business, Lake Country Sleep - and I got to experience working with her first hand.

I am an early childhood educator turned sleep consultant. My degree is in early childhood development and education, and I taught in the classroom for nine years before deciding to pursue this calling of serving other sleep consultants and small business owners in the online world.

I know what it takes to help families get the sleep they need to grow and thrive, as I’ve built my own sleep consulting business over the past few years as well. With a knack for words, I’ve found my strength in conveying other’s voices into their brand seamlessly, freelancing content creation and virtual assistant services for the past few months in 2021. I’ve also come to find THERE IS A NEED for the very specific knowledge we as sleep consultants need to be able to outsource (successfully) to get the help we need to help us help our clients.

Together, we have the brains (Erin’s knowledge of this field and online business) and the beauty (Jenna’s eye for detail and design) to help others in the sleep consulting industry build a strong foundation for their own businesses.

We are here to help you find your voice, elevate your brand, and build your village.

When you think about everything you need to start - and then grow - your sleep consulting business, there’s quite a bit that goes into it. And, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find all of that in one place with people who have specifically been there and done that?! That’s what we are here for!

First and foremost, Jenna and I are moms, like many of you. We are also small business owners, like you. This is our other baby, and we feel the same way about this as you do your sleep consulting business. We get it.

When I was first considering starting to outsource some things for my own sleep consulting business, I interviewed about ten people in one month. And I kept getting more and more frustrated, and to be quite honest, depressed, about it because I knew I needed help, but what I was looking for help with - writing blog posts, creating social media posts and captions, customer service, email marketing, etc. - was the stuff I actually enjoyed the most about my business. I didn’t want to give it up. I realized that the person I was looking to bring on my team was actually me. I realized was that I needed to be able to do this for other sleep consultants! A few weeks later, I started offering these types of services to my colleagues and I kept getting busier. And busier. AND BUSIER.

February 2021 was my best month. Then, March. Then April. Then May! I very quickly needed to start outsourcing design projects to Jenna to help me keep up with the demand.

So, here we are. Here for you. At Market St. Creative. Welcome!


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