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What to Expect When Expecting (A Website)

There are many different ways you can create a website for your sleep consulting business. I am going to give you an in-depth look at what you will expect when building a website with Market St. Creative.

First, your business needs the basics:

Before I get started on your website, you will need a few things...

  • Branding: You need to have your logo, color palette, brand fonts, brand elements (if you have any). I do provide branding services. So if you don't have a logo or and branding for your business - CLICK HERE FOR BRANDING

  • Content: You should have content ready for all of the main and inner pages of your website. If you don't have content and need some help creating a strategy for content, you can reach out to our content specialist, Katie - CLICK HERE FOR CONTENT

  • Services: You need to have your sleep services ready to promote with headlines, what's included in the services and how you want people to book your services. I can help you navigate how family's will book with you.

  • CRM/Contact Information: Think about how people are going to contact you or book your services. We like to recommend using Honeybook as a platform to manage clients and set up contact forms, set up payments, schedule consultation calls, etc.

Bonus! You can download our business services guide on what tools you can use for your sleep consulting business.

You need to decide what you want to use your website for:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Housing important information about your business

  • Lead Generation

  • Clients can view and book your sleep services

  • Provide digital products (Sleep guides, courses, and/or subscriptions)

Now let's get to what you can expect!

If you are a sleep consultant who just got certified and you don't exactly know what you want to provide to your clients. That's totally okay. I've helped many new sleep consultants navigate the beginning of their business, and I can help you too!

  1. Consultation call: We go through all of the ins and outs of your business. I will ask you about your goals, your experience, and everything related to what would like to achieve with your website.

  2. You will create a Pinterest Board: I am definitely a design-first developer. I focus mostly on making your website look very professional and uniquely designed to your brand. Most importantly, I have you create a Pinterest board that reflects your business's style.

  3. Send me business information: If you already have any branding, content, CRM information, photography, and anything else you want me to incorporate into your website. You will need to compile all of those assets for me to use.

This is when the MAGIC happens...

This is the first concept of my client's homepage.
Little Town Dreamers Website Concept

  1. Design Review: Once I have everything I need, I will show you what your website will look like. Then we can make any changes you would like to make.

  2. Website Building: I specifically like to use the WIX Platform to build websites for my clients.

This gives me the ability to create any layout design without the need for custom HTML code. I always want my clients to be able to make changes and edit the website in a way that makes sense. Here is an example of a Wix website I created for Isabel at Savvy Sleep.

  1. Review Call: Once we are done with your website, I like to give an hour tutorial on how the platform works and how the client can edit everything on their site.

  2. Follow-Up Support: I always offer 2 weeks of follow-up support in case my client has any questions.

Getting your sleep consulting business up and running doesn't have to be super overwhelming and time-consuming! We can help you build your website from scratch and make something really beautiful and functional.

Invest in your business by checking out our website services pricing page.

Schedule a call with me if you are interested.


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