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Stop Getting Sucked Into the Instagram Scroll

You know the scroll...when you go on to Instagram to post to your stories (or whatever else) but get distracted by the content on your feed and next thing you know it's been 20 minutes and you forgot why you even opened the app in the first place!

If this sounds familiar, you aren't alone. We are all guilty of this!

When you run your business on Instagram, it's easy to get sucked into the Instagram scroll! But if it seems as though half your day is spent on Instagram and you aren’t even getting much done, it's time to create an Instagram strategy.

Here’s how to do it:

Decide What You Need To Be Doing on Instagram

Instagram is filled with opportunities to get clients. But in order to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to decide what you need to be doing to reach and nurture these potential clients.

  • Posting photos and videos: Scheduling these in advance takes you off the app by using a scheduling tool like Planoly or Meta (Facebook) Business Suite.

  • Posting to your stories: A great way to get your audience to know, like, and trust you.

  • Responding to comments and answering DMs: Don’t post and ghost! There isn’t much point in posting on Instagram if you’re not going to stick around for the engagement.

  • Engaging with other accounts: Those with parallel audiences are great opportunities to build relationships for future referrals and/or collaborations…hello networking!!

  • Other tasks: Making Reels, researching trends/hashtags, performing live videos, etc.

Decide How Much Time to Spend on Instagram

Now that I’ve laid out that hefty list of Instagram activities, you may be wondering how you WON’T be spending half the day on Instagram. I’m not saying that spending time on Instagram isn’t a good idea - but the time you are spending should be productive. When you use your time wisely you will be surprised by how little time you actually need to spend on the app.

Use a Timer

Decide on a task (or tasks) that you want to accomplish while on the app. Then set a timer for how much time you want to spend doing those tasks. Once the timer goes off, you get the heck out of there before you get sucked in for all eternity!

Example: you want to post to your stories and spend time responding to comments. Set a 10 minute timer - a couple minutes for posting to stories and the remaining time can be spent responding to comments. Once the timer goes off, finish up the comment you are writing then exit the app

Set an App Limit

In your phone settings you can set a limit for how much time you can spend on the app each day. If you know that you only allotted yourself an hour on Instagram, you will be more likely to utilize your time efficiently. Do all your business activities first! Then (if you want) you will have time to spend scrolling for fun because let’s face it - Instagram is terribly entertaining!

Decide When to Be on Instagram

This may arguably be the most important part of the Instagram strategy. WHEN you are on instagram will have a huge impact on how productive you are.

If you are mindlessly opening the app while you’re making dinner then you are much more likely to get sucked into the Instagram scroll.

Instead, choose to open Instagram when you have time to focus on the task at hand. Maybe that’s during your office hours (a.k.a nap time). Plan to spend 15 minutes (set the timer!) answering DM’s, engaging with other accounts, etc.

Focussed time is going to be much more productive than distracted time.

Turn Off Notifications

I know, I know, this sounds scary. But let me ask you this: how often does an Instagram notification distract you? Probably pretty often.

Those pesky notifications are notorious for distracting you from other things. They interrupt you when you are writing a blog then next thing you know you are responding to a mom in your DMs, which then somehow turns into scrolling through reels about a traveling hedgehog (please tell me it’s not just me!). And next thing you know its school pick up time and your blog still isn’t done.

All of that could be avoided if your notifications were turned off. I promise, it will be okay if you set designated times for being on (and off) Instagram. It’s okay if someone needs to wait for your reply. It’s okay to have boundaries for yourself, for your clients, and even for potential clients. Honestly, if a mom in your DMs cannot handle waiting for your reply, then they probably aren’t the type of client you want anyways.

Sound Like a Plan?

Do you feel inspired to create an Instagram strategy now?

When you have a plan, you are more in control of your time and are therefore more productive!

If you are a chronic scroller…it’s going to take some discipline to change your habits but it will be worth it!

Just imagine all the other things you could get done if your time on Instagram was spent productively. Would you have more time to snuggle your babies? Would you have less burnt dinners? Would you have less anxiety?

Do YOU Need to Be Doing Everything?

Let’s be real, Instagram is not the only thing you need to do in the day. You’re a busy business owner so that means you have clients to talk to, logs to check, emails to answer and so much more!

If Instagram is sucking time out of your day, time that could be spent on other things, then it’s time to consider outsourcing this business task.

Contact one of our virtual assistants today to chat about how we can help you with your Instagram strategy.

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