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Rebranding Your Sleep Consulting Business: Savvy Sleep

Hello! I am going to give you a behind the scenes look at what I did for one of my latest clients: Isabel Page at Savvy Sleep. Isabel came to me back in the fall of 2021 with the hopes for a few things:

  1. A new company name

  2. A new logo that includes a full branding package

  3. A newly designed and reimagined website

1. New Company Name

Before we got started we had conversations about her future business goals, her needs/wants, and especially her background and how she wanted her brand to tell a story. Isabel currently lives in Dubai and can possibly to move to Spain in the near future, so we had to be mindful of the cultural background as well as the language inclusivity when choosing a company name and direction of the graphic elements.

Mate On A Dream (Old company name) ------> Savvy Sleep (NEW Company Name)

We had many conversations and logo concepts that included various name options

2. New Logo and Brand Package

Isabel was looking for a logo that was very professional, stood out from other brands and captured the essence of her region with the flexibility to appeal across different cultures.

Original Logo Concepts and Color Palettes

Final Logo Concept (Including the logo suite)

The final Savvy Sleep logo was inspired by a dream catcher but I didn't want to just have a dream catcher. I wanted to make it more whimsical and abstract.

Branded Elements

I then pulled shapes from the brandmark and created supporting graphic elements.

Instagram Templates

Here is a gallery of all the instagram templates I created for Isabel in the Canva app. She now has full capabilities to edit and create new Instagram posts for her business.

Branded Deliverables

Laptop Sticker | Table Tent | Business Card | Tri-fold Brochure

All of these deliverables were designed in the Canva App. Isabel is able to edit and create more materials in the future based on these templates I have created for her.

Table Tent Mockup created by mockupguy2 -

3. Redesigned Website

Isabel already had a great deal of knowledge and skillset when it came to building her already existing website. So my role in designing and developing new pages for Isabel was to access how her website was working and how to make it more optimal for visitors to navigate her website and designing her sleep packages in a way that promotes people to click and book with her right away.

Our website package included: Homepage, Service Page, About Page

Check out Savvy Sleep's Website!

In Conclusion

If you are a Sleep Consultant that is just starting out or a seasoned business owner like Isabel, you should always think about your branding so it fits your needs and aesthetic. I can give you a custom and unique brand as well as a functional, professional and beautiful website that will take your business to the next level!

Website Design + Development

Starts at $1,450

Branding Packages

Starts at $850




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