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Make Canva Your Branding BFF

Want to create more content on social media but you don't have the skills, time or maybe you just don't have an interest? Utilizing Canva's library of templates, elements, images and so much more might be everything you need to create content and promote your business online. But, let me tell you how AMAZING and helpful using a brand kit can help you create social posts that look professional, and consistent and will save you loads of time.

There are two brand kits I want you to use:

Canva's Brand Kit App:

Canva's brand kit includes:

  • Logo files - Include your main logo, secondary logo and any recurring elements you use for your brand

  • Color palette - You should keep your color palette from 4-7 colors.

  • Brand fonts - Upload your fonts if they are not already available on Canva

Here is Canva's tutorial page on setting up your brand kit. The 10-15 minutes it takes to setting up your brand kit will save you hours of time in the long run.

Market St. Creative's Brand Kit Template:

Our template shop brand kit includes all of the elements below to copy & paste into every new template you are working on.

  • Logos

  • Color palette

  • Brand Elements

  • Photography - Add your headshot, family images, and branded images

  • Print and digital mockups - See your brand on platforms besides a screen!

Repurpose those templates you've already created

Once you have created a solid foundation of templates that are branded and beautiful, stop scrolling through so many different templates to create new social media posts. Repurpose your templates for your new social media posts. Chances are that your viewers aren't going to think that you saved time, they are going to recognize you better and feel like you are showing up in a more consistent way.

Have a professional designer set up your brand

So if you are like many sleep consultants out there and don't have a brand yet, or maybe you just have a logo and some colors...but you really want to get a beautiful, unique and consistent brand for your business, hire a designer! This way, you KNOW it's going to look amazing, look professional and it will speak to who you really are. You will feel a difference when creating your visuals because it'll be so much easier when you have a beautiful brand to work with.

Get other sleep consultants to do the work

If you want to just focus on your business and clients - We have two amazing sleep consultants that can handle all of your social media graphics and content for you every month. They can utilize your brand kits and make sure all of your social posts are on-brand and beautiful. Sound like a dream? Click the button below to see what your options are.


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