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How Collaborations - and Backlinks - Can Help Your SEO

The two biggest ways to get found on Google??

website updates (putting out consistent content on your website)...

...and backlinks!

We all know content creation is the easiest way to update your website and is there to further serve your visitors.

But what about backlinks?

In this post we are going to go over:

  • What are backlinks?

  • How do backlinks work with ranking in search results?

  • Backlinking Strategy

  • Building Backlinks as a Sleep Consultant - Collaborations!

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website.

Let's say you wrote a guest blog post for a company you are an affiliate for. Maybe the topic is "Traveling with Your Baby" and you submit your article to them. Before you hit send, you're going to want to make sure there are some links back to your website included in the article - either to another semi-related blog post (maybe one you wrote about your favorite travel items) you have on your website, your contact page, your homepage, or all three of those places! Once the article is published on their site, your website is now linked to theirs through this post.

How do backlinks work with ranking in search results?

Essentially, backlinks provide credibility for your website. It shows Google (or any other search engine) that yours is a trusted site because it's linked to this one.

The more backlinks you have to more pages on your website, the more credible your site becomes, and, you guessed it, the higher yours will rank in the search results.

So, putting new content on your site is step number one, followed by step two, finding a way to link it to another site to build that credibility.

Backlinking Strategy

While backlinking is important, you don't want to overdo it! Include links in your blog posts that are relatable and not so many that it's overwhelming.

Another thing to consider is having the most relevant links in the first portion of your post, notably, the visual space before your reader starts scrolling down the page.

Be sure to include relevant backlinks in your call-to-action as well...are you directing them to join your email list? Download that freebie? Set up a call with you? Link it appropriately!

Building Backlinks as a Sleep Consultant - Collaborations!

Collaborations are key in getting some quality backlinks set up. Our best advice is to find, follow, and interact with other parenting professionals with who you might be interested in doing some sort of collaboration in the future. Build a relationship first. Then, reach out and pitch your idea! If you need help with this, we'd highly recommend joining The Sleep Sorority, where sleep consultant business coach Becca Campbell has a lesson all about collaborating with other brands.

Here's a short list of ideas for you:

  • write a guest blog post for someone

  • be a guest on a podcast

  • ask to be interviewed for someone's YouTube channel

Then, make sure you can link back to your website directly within the content or any show notes. If you're not writing the show notes, make sure you email them the links you want to include.

Speaking of backlinks and collaborations...

I'm always looking for guests to join me on my podcast. You might be a good fit if you:

  1. are some sort of parenting/motherhood expert

  2. have great ideas or topics you want to talk about

  3. enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine while chatting with a friend

Email your pitch to if you're interested in being on the Coffee & Catnaps Parenting Podcast.


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