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Client Experience: Monthly Social Media Content with Jessie from The Goodnight House

Jessie and her mom and business partner, Stacey, own The Goodnight House. They have very quickly become some of our favorite clients. I think it's safe to say our feelings about each other are mutual!

As soon as I asked, Jessie was 100% on board with helping me craft a blog post about what it's like to work with us. The Goodnight House has been a client since January 2022. We currently do some of their monthly content creation for social media and have also designed some freebies and a brochure for them.

How did you hear about Market St. Creative?

Jessie: "I heard about MSC through the Sleep Sorority Facebook group from a few other sleep consultants who were raving about working with Erin and Jenna!"

What made you decide to reach out to the team at Market St. Creative?

Jessie: "We were ready to take a leap of faith and invest in our business. Social media posts and creation take SO many hours for me to put together. We realized we needed to outsource this so I could focus on tasks that only I can do in our business (like working 1:1 with clients and recording podcast episodes etc)."

What helped you make your decision to move forward with working with Erin on a monthly basis?

Jessie - "I think it was a combination of Erin’s quick responses and their reasonable pricing, as well as hearing so many great reviews from fellow sleep consultants. Erin was so kind on our discovery call and was willing to meet us where we are at in our business. Since we began working with them at the beginning of the year, we’ve slowly been able to delegate more and more to them because of the results we’ve seen from the investment and showing up more consistently on social media (more 1:1 clients!). We have an entire list of things we plan to delegate and hire them for as we continue to grow and we really appreciate that they continue to meet us where we are at in our business."

What benefits have you seen in your business since starting to work with Erin?

Jessie: "We are able to maintain consistent posting and presence on social media (without feeling burnt out). I have more time to focus on tasks that only I can do as an owner in our business (working 1:1 with clients and business tasks that only I can do). We went from being able to put out random blog posts and content every once in a while to recording podcast episodes 4x per week. We’ve seen a significant increase in clients over the last 3 months of working with them."

What do you want other sleep consultants to know about outsourcing?

Jessie: "If you are in a place where you can afford to outsource, it is an investment that has so much reward! Not only for your business but for your personal life as well. I know so many sleep consultants are fellow mamas, and there is nothing more precious than our time. Being able to outsource tasks and in turn, be able to spend more time with the most important people in our lives is such a gift. It’s also a gift to your clients and a huge boost to your business. You can’t do it all, and that’s ok!"

It has been so fun and rewarding to work with Jessie and Stacey and help them grow their business these past few months. We are excited to see where they end up, even just a year from now!

If you're interested in learning more about our content services and how we can help you, click here. We'd love to help you.


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