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Anatomy of a Sleep Consultant's Homepage

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

If you are wondering what you should include on your sleep consulting homepage, let's talk through everything you need to make an engaging homepage that will lead visitors to book your services, buy your products or schedule a call with you.

First, aside from being visually appealing, you need to have a clear message about your website's purpose. You need to speak to your family's pain points and give them a solution.

Your sleep consulting homepage should include:
  • A clear and visually appealing header with the website's logo and navigation menu

  • A prominent call-to-action (e.g. "Shop Now" or "Learn More")

  • Relevant and engaging content that communicates the website's purpose or message

  • Links to important pages such as About Us, Contact, and Services/Products

  • Social media links to connect with the website's audience

  • Testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers or users, if applicable.

Now let's see what that looks like laid out into sections:

Bonus Elements

You might have noticed that there is an "extras" section towards the bottom. This is where you can include things like:

  • Blog Feed

  • Email Subscription Sign-Up - You can include a freebie for people to sign up for as a lead generator. If you need help setting up an email subscriber list with a freebie, learn more about our services here

  • Sleep Course/Webinars

  • Events

  • Paid Sleep Guide - If you have any paid products, you can put them here as well. You should also include your sleep products in your main navigation menu. If you are hoping to include some paid sleep guides, you can use some of our templates to get started here

Want a professional designer to design and develop your sleep consulting homepage for you? Jenna is the perfect designer for you.


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