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6 Reasons You Should Use Sleep Consulting Templates in Canva

If you are a sleep consultant and create most of your graphics in Canva, this article is for you! I’m sure you’ve been there, scrolling through templates in Canva and trying to find the right one to fit the idea that you want to put on social media.

Maybe you aren’t sure what to post about today or how to create a compelling graphic that will go with it. As a business owner myself, I get into the same rut. It’s hard to keep it fresh and exciting for our followers.

Here are six reasons why using sleep consulting templates will help you.

The content is geared toward your business already!

The beautiful thing about our templates is that the content is already outlined and designed in a way that you can just plug in your sleep philosophy and unique messaging. Each of our social media templates comes with swipe caption formulas for you to fill in and make your own. You can save yourself the headache of coming up with what to write. We’ve already done it for you.

The imagery is already chosen with safe sleep in mind

Talk about an endless scroll… whenever I look for safe sleep images on Canva image library, it ends up being a little disappointing and a time-suck. That’s why we create our own safe sleep image library for our subscribers!

We use the imagery we create in our own templates and then any images we use from Canva, we spend the time scrolling for the right images so you don’t have to. All you need to do is add in your headshot or family picture from time to time.

Planning your monthly content gets easier

Can you imagine waking up and already having the next 2-3 weeks of content created, written, and scheduled? Doesn’t that sound like a huge burden lifted off your shoulders?! If you use our sleep consulting templates, you will already 5 new posts every month that is related to sleep consulting and created to be relatable during that month (events, holidays, seasons, etc).

You can also add our sleep consulting Canva templates with our 2023 content planner. It can help you plan out your content weeks or even months in advance!

You’ll save SO MUCH TIME

This is kind of a no-brainer right?! Since we are already giving you a content outline, and imagery that fits your business and saving you from planning 5 extra social media posts a month, you will have so much more time to focus on other aspects of your business (or maybe even just spend more time with your family).

Time it takes to create a graphic from a generic Canva template (1 hour)
Time it takes to edit a graphic from our sleep consulting templates (10 minutes)

You don’t have to worry about it looking professional

This one is a biggie because let’s say you start with a beautiful Canva template from their library. But then you have to move things around, add different images, add more slides to your template, add a call to action, and maybe add some animation or video. By the time you are done with that template, you might not recognize what you started with and you aren’t happy with what you ended up with, but you spent over an hour creating this one graphic, so you might as well use it right? I totally get it!

That’s why our templates are already designed and set up in a way that breaks down your content into different slides in Canva so you can add content without messing up the design. Nothing is more off-putting than jamming too much content on one page.

Our templates almost always include engagement and a call to action!

You might notice that some of your content lacks engagement or needs more direction for your followers. What do you want them to do exactly? Our templates already have either a dedication call to action page in Canva or our Swipe caption formula includes a call to action for you. It’s a win-win!

“But what if my templates look the same as other sleep consultants?”

Great question! How you edit these templates makes all the difference!

Make sure you have a strong and unique BRAND to style these templates to fit your business’s brand style. Take the time to change the colors, fonts, and branding elements, and add your own writing style for each Canva template. This way, your sleep consulting business shines through on all of your Canva templates.

If you haven’t done this, you should check out our brand kit! This is where you can keep your branding assets, photography, elements, and anything else you want to include! It will help you use your brand in a consistent way. Check out our blog on using the Brand Kit here!

If you haven’t yet joined our Market St. Shop team - Go check out all of the templates you could be using for your sleep consulting business.


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