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4 Types of Emails You Should Design as Templates in Flodesk

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Say what?! Templates in Flodesk??

If you use Flodesk for your email marketing, you are probably well aware that they have already-made templates that you can use as a starting point. They’re well-designed and beautiful…

…but they’re not branded!

And this takes up a ton of your precious time. You spend an hour changing the colors, sizing, fonts, and images of an email before you even get to the copy, amiright??

Here’s our workaround: Make your own branded templates as email drafts, then duplicate them when you want to use them in the future. Edit the content of the duplicated email, and you don’t have to spend an hour redoing the branding! Swap out an image or two, update the content and some links, and BOOM! You’re done!

Keep reading for a few emails we recommend creating as your own personal “templates” in Flodesk.

A Tips or Blog Announcement Email

At Lake Country Sleep, I usually tie in some helpful tips with a call-to-action to read more on my blog, so these emails are often one and the same.

The email usually starts with something helpful that will grab attention right away, like a bulleted list or a relevant image. Then, as I get into more details (I may even include an excerpt from the blog itself!) I make sure I leave them wanting more…

…then there is a button or a link that directs them to the blog itself. Guess who is now on my website?!

This email is meant to serve them with education, tips, or tricks. Bonus points if you have a catchy blog title too!

A Sales Email with a strong CTA

A sales email can be a hard ask type of email. We’re not just trying to get someone on your website, we’re actually trying to get them to buy a product, like a guide or a course, OR we’re trying to get them on the phone with you!

Use BIG, BOLD fonts to call attention to a deal they are about to get. If you’re promoting the sale of a course or guide, make sure to include image mock-ups of the products themselves.

A Personal Story Email

These are often the most opened types of emails on my email list. Anytime I start with a story where I’m looking to really connect with my audience, I’m working to feel relatable and build know, like, and trust with them.

These emails should feel like they’re coming from a friend. Sprinkle the name field throughout your content so it feels really personal.

A Newsletter Email

Think of this as a round-up of everything going on in your business. I like to send one of these out each month. It can cover:

  • Timely sleep topics or tips

  • What’s new on the blog

  • What’s new on the podcast

  • What’s new on Youtube

  • Promotions

  • Collaborations

  • Featured Products, Services, or Team Members

Pick and choose what is most relevant to your business.

Rotate through these different templates each month, and you’ll be serving your list on a regular basis with a variety of helpful and relevant topics!

You don’t use Flodesk?? GIRL. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!


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